Exness Leverage Rules in South Africa

Exness is an online trading broker that provides a broad selection of financial instruments. Its primary asset type is forex.

The company is regulated in multiple countries, such as Cyprus's CySEC and South Africa's FSCA.

Exness offers a selection of accounts with various leverage levels. However, traders should exercise caution when using leverage as it could significantly increase the possibility of losses.

Margin requirements for exotic currency pairs

If you plan to trade exotic currency pairs, it is important to factor in your margin requirements. These will depend on the amount of leverage used and may shift depending on market conditions.

Exotic currency pairs refer to pairings of one major currency with another non-major. While these markets tend to be less liquid than majors, they can offer opportunities for traders who are knowledgeable about world events that could cause prices to fluctuate significantly.

These pairs are frequently driven by factors such as interest rates, the strength of their country's economy and foreign direct investment in their home markets. Furthermore, these markets tend to be less liquid than majors and it may be difficult to locate a buyer or seller that meets your trading needs.

Trend trading is a popular strategy for trading exotic currencies, which utilizes technical analysis to detect price trends. This involves recognizing the highs and lows of price movements and setting buy and sell orders that are close to these relevant peaks or troughs.

Another popular trading strategy is breakout trading, which utilizes both technical and fundamental analysis to capitalize on an asset's price movement once it breaks through a historical level of support or resistance. This long-term approach requires patience as well as reliable risk mitigation in the form of stop losses and trailing stops.

Range trading is another strategy to profit from the highs and lows of exotic currency pairs. This involves creating a trend line through the highs and lows of a market over an extended period to predict which way it may move next.

The third most popular forex pair is the AUD/USD, which deals with Australia's trade in iron ore, oil and beef. As a commodity currency it experiences frequent seasonal price changes which makes it highly volatile.

Many South African CFD traders are drawn to the foreign exchange (FX) market due to its potential for lucrative profits. Utilizing high leverage on FX allows you to open larger positions with less capital, increasing your chances of earning larger profits. However, trading with high leverage also comes with additional risks.


Exness is one of the top forex brokers in South Africa, providing a wide range of trading options and accommodating conditions. It offers leverage ratios up to 1:2000 on various currency pairs as well as excellent customer service. Plus, Exness provides trading tools for forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and stocks alike - making it one of the premier forex brokers around!

Leverage is a widely-used tool in the foreign exchange market, enabling traders to trade larger positions with smaller amounts of capital. However, it should always be used with caution and an established risk management plan.

The forex market can be an exciting opportunity to profit, however it is highly volatile and there is always the risk of loss. That is why using appropriate leverage and having a strategy before trading is so important.

If you're new to trading, a free demo account might be beneficial before investing any real money. This will give you an overview of the platform and enable you to craft your own trading strategies.

Another essential aspect of trading is using a reliable broker. In South Africa, there are plenty of excellent forex brokers to choose from; some of the best include FBS, AvaTrade and Alpari.

These brokers offer low minimum deposits and high maximum leverage ratios, making them ideal for beginner traders in South Africa. However, it is still essential to select a broker that is regulated by the South African Financial Services Authority and has an established track record of client support.

Exness is a well-established broker with offices across several European Economic Area countries. Its operations adhere to regulatory requirements and are supported by various licenses.

Exness offers a robust suite of trading tools, including indicators and an advanced MT4/MT5 trading platform, which has helped this broker achieve great success. Furthermore, Exness' customer support is top-notch with chat agents and bots answering questions 24 hours a day. It's no wonder why Exness has become so successful; their expansive range of trading tools certainly doesn't hurt either!

Exness offers a vast selection of CFDs and exotic currency pairs, such as the GBP/ZAR pair which is often influenced by events at the Bank of England.


Spreads are fees associated with forex trading that vary based on account and instrument. Exness offers variable spreads (based on market conditions) for their Standard and Cent accounts; they're billed in cents and start from 0.3 pips.

Exness is a broker that allows traders to trade on global markets and an expansive selection of assets, such as forex, commodities, indices, and stocks. Its trading platform features live news feeds, trading signals, and daily videos for added convenience.

Negative balance protection and a range of account types, including a demo account that lets users practice strategies and risk management without investing actual funds, are available. Furthermore, its customer support team is accessible 24/7 in multiple languages, while its cutting-edge security system ensures customer security is never compromised.

Leverage is an important factor to consider when trading forex, as it can increase your profit potential by enabling larger trades with less funds. It is essential that you select a maximum leverage ratio that meets both your needs and objectives.

For new traders, it is wise to start with a low leverage ratio and increase position size as you gain experience. On the other hand, more experienced traders may prefer using higher leverage ratios.

High leverage trading is available at many South African forex brokers and can be an excellent way to boost your profits. This type of strategy allows you to open larger positions with less capital, helping you reach your objectives more quickly.

However, in certain circumstances using leverage can amplify losses and even force your trading account to close out. Therefore, it's essential that you carefully select your maximum leverage ratio and adhere to a risk management strategy.

Exness offers a generous maximum leverage ratio that varies based on account type, from 1:400 up to 1:400. While this may seem like an impressive offer, you should take into account your individual financial situation before selecting this leverage ratio.

Trading tools

Exness provides a robust suite of trading tools to help you trade successfully. These include real-time price charts, market news feeds, customizable layouts and advanced order types. Plus it has both web-based and desktop trading platforms as well as mobile apps for on-the-go trading.

The company provides a range of features to protect your account, such as negative balance protection and segregated client funds. Furthermore, it is regulated by multiple second-tier authorities including the South African Financial Services Commission (FSCA).

Exness' proprietary web-based trading platform and desktop terminals, as well as their mobile apps for on-the-go trading, allow traders to access their proprietary web-based trading platform and desktop terminals. They also accept deposits and withdrawals through bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller for added convenience.

In addition to these tools, Trading Central also provides a range of other services designed to help you trade more efficiently and profitably. These include economic calendars, free technical analysis from Trading Central, as well as a Virtual Private Server (VPS) service designed to enhance your trading performance.

Exness offers a demo account for traders who want to evaluate their strategies without risking actual funds, enabling them to trade with virtual funds - an ideal option for new investors. This enables them to trade without risking anything but virtual capital, making it an ideal learning tool.

The broker's platform supports a range of instruments, such as forex pairs, precious metals, energies and stocks. Furthermore, it provides crypto crosses with leverage up to 1:200.

Exness is an international forex broker offering trading on over 100 currency pairs, as well as several cryptocurrencies and precious metals. Furthermore, they provide contracts for difference (CFDs) on stocks and indices.

Exness not only offers a range of trading tools, but they provide customer support 24 hours a day. Their team are fluent in English, Thai and Chinese and can be reached via live chat or email.

The company's website is accessible in 14 languages and password protected to comply with local data privacy laws. Furthermore, the broker uses industry-standard security and encryption methods to keep your information safe. Furthermore, its servers are located in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Johannesburg and Miami.